Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey

It's four months to Thanksgiving but I know where my turkey is being raised; LTD Farm. When I visited Callister Farm they said all their Thanksgiving turkeys were all sold for this year. I assumed that was the case for other farms too. I saw a facebook post from LTD Farms that they had turkeys for this year and jump at the opportunity to get one. Not only are you getting a local turkey that is raised on a good farm, but LTD allows you to come pick it up and help process it, if you like.

I am sure I could get a good turkey from the co-op or farmers market, but for me it means a lot to be able to go out to the farm. Being able to help process the turkey is wonderful. I feel a responsibility for the killing and butchering of the meat I eat. I want to be reminded my turkey leg helped carry a 30 pound bird.

The Perennial Plate an awesome job last year of documenting some of that days events at the LTD Farm.

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  1. That is awesome! What a great idea for a farm. I think buying local is important and knowing your farmer is important. But being able to actually take part in harvesting your food is incredible.