Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plantain Seeds

I have Plantains all over the yard. I have been wanting to forage throughout the year so I was looking for a way to put these plants to use. I read in Healing Secrets of the Native Americans that Plantain seeds can be used in a tea for weight loss and lowering cholesterol. I was all over it and I went out and gathered seeds from the yard. The seeds are also high in fiber and a natural laxative.

It's fun foraging for stuff. You need to have an eye for what you are looking for. The Plantain does not look the same now as it did in spring or summer. Today my yard was covered in leaves. I recognized the stem with the seeds standing up. I put my thumb and pointer finger at the base of the stem, pinched it lightly and pull my hand up gathering the seeds. I then put them in a bowl. After gathering the seeds I went through them to take out any unwanted debris.

The book says to put a teaspoon of the seeds with the husks in a cup, add a cup of boiling water and let cool. After it is cool drink the liquid with the seeds. Do this a half hour before you eat and it will help with caloric intake and high blood sugar levels. When you have to drink a teaspoon of seeds, it feels like a lot of seeds; I was able to get it down.

This is the first time I have had this type of tea and I don't know what to expect. The plant is edible but does it help with weight loss? I need to be in touch with my body and how the plant effects me. I will need to use my whole half pint jar of seeds and go from there.

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